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My Angling Autobiography

(Clive Branson World Angling Champion)

Hi from Clive Branson greetings and welcome to

My Autobiography


Join me in my lifetime journey of match fishing and discover how from a daydreaming schoolboy to how I become a World Champion in this great sport.

In my journey, I have met some great people along the way however I have had the misfortune of encountering many dishonest and jealous individuals

Within my Autobiography, I shall tell my story the way I see it through my eyes and my soul and possibly open a Pandora’s box. I shall reveal some things that I have been longing to get off my chest for a long time and share with the World even if it gets me in trouble and legal litigation With the burning question of the loss of £236.000 Welsh federation funds

But on a more serious note I want to share some of my experiences and some great times I have enjoyed over the years. Reaching my late 60s and wondering when it may all come to an end; in this great match-fishing sport of ours.

I have decided to write about; while sharing my fishing experiences for future generations, and in particular keep alive the memories of some past great anglers whose names may have been lost in the dust of time

Within my story, I will reveal some methods, techniques and innovations that I had developed over the 50 years of fishing so that the reader will gain some knowledge instead of my ranting about old forgotten, over, and done things in my life


During my angling career, which has now spanned over 50 years I have witnessed many developments and many innovations.


Billed as the World’s first professional angler, I introduced an innovatory approach to teaching videos and imported new concepts from abroad including high-tech fishing lines and New Groundbaits, introducing floats on winders including wagglers and stick floats, new pole float designs and methods, just to mention a few. Throughout my career, innovation has been the key; I was an early pioneer in developing on-line information for anglers.


My angling web site was one of the first in the UK, established in 1997. These days on-line development has grown exponentially including social media interactive sights including this eBook presentation

This interactive eBook is no exception to the latest technology used in conjunction with either a computer / Smart Phone

Writing my autobiography and digging deep into my memoirs, recollecting events over the last 50 years has been a journey of sentiment and emotions, while revitalizing and hopefully, interesting to you the reader.


Follow me as I delve into my match-fishing career that took me from a daydreaming boy into a World Champion. With all the lows and highs of my angling career and expounding all my experiences and insights to you, all the way to the present time (2018) and where I am today.

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What Others say about My Autobiography

Read your book buddy couldn't put it down bloody good read compared to a lot of the angling dross out there. If your ever fishing Shrewsbury again would really appreciate it if you could sign it for me. Jason Skreen Shrewsbury
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